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Smart Tokenomics

The token has an intelligent distribution of tokens, 4% Blonge Marketing and 2% Blonge LP.

Locked Liquidity

Locked for a 1 year with option to increase it

Who is Blonge ?

Blonge, the epitome of strength and power, is ready to make his mark on the BSC blockchain! With his unwavering determination, and a talent for surprising the unsuspecting,

Blonge has become a viral sensation on BSC.

What Does Blonge Do?

Blonge introduces his mighty presence to the world of cryptocurrencies through his exclusive BSC token. But Blonge Token is not your ordinary digital asset; it’s a gateway to a realm where strength meets blockchain technology in the most astonishing ways.

With Blonge Token, you’ll experience the exhilaration of witnessing unmatched power and the potential for financial gains. Prepare to be amazed as Blonge empowers you to lift the weight of your investment portfolio, all while redefining what it means to be a strong force in the crypto world.

🌐 Blonge Takeover of the BSC Blockchain: A Story of Unrivaled Strength

Blonge , forever on the lookout for new challenges, found himself drawn to the immense potential of the BSC blockchain. Eager to demonstrate his might in the digital realm, he embarked on a mission to conquer the BSC chain, just as he had astounded gym-goers with his extraordinary feats of strength.

Entering the blockchain scene with unparalleled vigor, Blonge left a trail of awe-stricken developers and crypto enthusiasts in his wake. With each block he forged, the BSC network trembled under the sheer magnitude of his presence. From decentralized applications to smart contracts, Blonge showcased his strength and unwavering determination to take the blockchain world by storm.

As the news of Blonge exploits spread, the BSC community hailed him as a symbol of power and resilience. Token holders embraced Blonge as their digital guardian, finding inspiration in his unwavering dedication and unbeatable strength. Memes depicting his gym infiltration adventures circulated, transforming Blonge into the next big viral sensation, capturing the hearts and laughter of millions.

Blonge: The Next Big Meme Phenomenon

Blonge incredible journey into the world of blockchain and his uncanny ability to surprise and surpass expectations has led to his meteoric rise as the next big meme sensation. Internet users across platforms cannot get enough of the videos where Blonge.

With Blonge Token, you not only invest in the power of BSC but also become part of an unstoppable meme revolution. Join the legions of Blonge fans and witness the transformation of the internet,

Blonge incredible strength is a source of inspiration, but remember to stay grounded and focused on your financial goals. Embrace the power of Blonge Token, and let the world witness your own feats of strength in the crypto universe!

Get ready to be amazed by Blonge might, embrace the meme, and let the power of BSC flow through your investments. Welcome to a world where strength and blockchain collide, forging a new era of financial empowerment! 💪💰💥


Total Supply: 520 Billion

Max walet: 15Billion

Tax: 8 / 8

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